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Unpredicted -

Heels echoed on the cool tiles amplified by the corridor’s walls. Watery mud created a snail trail by her once-white lace train, as petals from her strangled bouquet fell like Autumn attacks the trees. Make-up smeared like Continue reading “Unpredicted”


Let The Cliches Rain

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‘Not talking about condoms.’

‘Recruitment companies?’

‘I said umbrella. You know, the portable shade structure created a thousand of years ago, used only by the ancient Egyptian aristocrats. Obviously, waterproofing and storm strength wasn’t needed in the land of sand with this piece of — ’

‘Are you having an umbrella moment?’ Continue reading “Let The Cliches Rain”

Scent of Silence

Silence has a scent.

It’s where dust settles and breezes still. Continue reading “Scent of Silence”

Blink and you’ll miss it…

Dragon fly blue2 (1 of 1)The Outback’s flooded.

Unseasonal rain has turned red dust to mud. Roads needed boats. Dirt track and side ditches became running ravines. Cliffs flushed into waterfalls, and a desert wasteland was transformed into a sea of green. Continue reading “Blink and you’ll miss it…”

Drought Breaker


Hell’s heat rises from parched sunburnt earth.
Once flush creek beds – bone dry crevices.
They wait. Continue reading “Drought Breaker”

The Classic above her Class.

Bull catcher Below searing sunsets, she’d settle to watch endless galaxies of unblemished shimmering starlight Continue reading “The Classic above her Class.”

Mango’s Seasonal Madness


The boomerang’s deflection echoed against the timbers, Continue reading “Mango’s Seasonal Madness”

Dry Season Southerners

I live in the land of: beer; barbecues; 4wd’s; crocodiles; poisonous snakes; and deadly spiders. Once considered the last frontier. It’s tough. Rugged. Yet beautiful.

There’s two seasons, simply known as the Wet and the Dry.

For six months of the year we have Continue reading “Dry Season Southerners”

Morning After the Storm…

20150208_141821Craning my neck back, halting in my step, looking up at the clear blue sky. It’s so clear, clean and crisp. With wisps of white clouds floating like threads of silk, accentuating the differing colours of light to deep glorious blue. It’s so mesmerizingly perfect.

You’d think it’d been years since we’d seen a blue sky. Continue reading “Morning After the Storm…”

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