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Outback Despatch


Swept across a sapphire skyline, the small plane floated like a speck of dust. Amidst rising heat waves, it magnetised towards the red dirt runway. Parked beside a Continue reading “Outback Despatch”


Scent of Silence

Silence has a scent.

It’s where dust settles and breezes still. Continue reading “Scent of Silence”

Four Wheels Of Reason

We’re saved.” Rick waved his arms at the vehicle weaving along the dirt track.  His three companions rose from their gum tree shaded campsite, also waved with vigour. Continue reading “Four Wheels Of Reason”

Blink and you’ll miss it…

Dragon fly blue2 (1 of 1)The Outback’s flooded.

Unseasonal rain has turned red dust to mud. Roads needed boats. Dirt track and side ditches became running ravines. Cliffs flushed into waterfalls, and a desert wasteland was transformed into a sea of green. Continue reading “Blink and you’ll miss it…”

Drought Breaker


Hell’s heat rises from parched sunburnt earth.
Once flush creek beds – bone dry crevices.
They wait. Continue reading “Drought Breaker”

The Classic above her Class.

Bull catcher Below searing sunsets, she’d settle to watch endless galaxies of unblemished shimmering starlight Continue reading “The Classic above her Class.”

Railway Whisper


“Just what d’ya think ya’ doin’?” Palms on hips, her head tilted, and eyes squinted against the sunlight.

“What d’ya think I’m doin’?”

“You’re lying on your back copyin’ a goanna gettin’ a suntan?”


“Are ya waitin’ to die of sunstroke to become Dingo bait?”

He screwed up his nose. “No.”

“Unless you’re pretendin’ to be a brown snake, stretched between them rails, please explain for the masses…” her arm swept across deserted surrounding sunburnt scrub lands, “… why are you lying on the train tracks?” Continue reading “Railway Whisper”

One Eyed World of Wonder.


From slumbering darkness, I’m whipped into bright light and warm air – but where? Continue reading “One Eyed World of Wonder.”

Cry of the Curlew


The outdoor sounds invisibly cocoon me, as the breeze rustles through flower laden trees. A pregnant possum glances down from Continue reading “Cry of the Curlew”

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