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No Explanation


Toes to the edge, arms wide

& upon butterfly wings, I dive Continue reading “No Explanation”


Blink and you’ll miss it…

Dragon fly blue2 (1 of 1)The Outback’s flooded.

Unseasonal rain has turned red dust to mud. Roads needed boats. Dirt track and side ditches became running ravines. Cliffs flushed into waterfalls, and a desert wasteland was transformed into a sea of green. Continue reading “Blink and you’ll miss it…”

One Eyed World of Wonder.


From slumbering darkness, I’m whipped into bright light and warm air – but where? Continue reading “One Eyed World of Wonder.”

Tombstoning Termite Territory


Tall grey tombstonal towers ascend from cracked scorched soils. Rising like Continue reading “Tombstoning Termite Territory”

Cry of the Curlew


The outdoor sounds invisibly cocoon me, as the breeze rustles through flower laden trees. A pregnant possum glances down from Continue reading “Cry of the Curlew”

Regenerative Retreat

Was it worth it?

Up before the crack of dawn with travel mug in hand. Heater pumping inside the laden Ute. Sleep rubbed from eyes while completing the final mental-check-list. And it was a moment of silence before the adventure begins. Continue reading “Was it worth it?”

Just call me Eve.

Overworked lungs forced air outwards then gulped eager oxygen inwards. Sweat trickled in rivulets saturating clothing. Muscles heaved, burned, and twinged with each uphill stride. Each step pronounced by a loud crunch of dry dirt underfoot. Continue reading “Just call me Eve.”

Wondrous Weeds


White flowers, the size of a freckle sun-kissing the skin, scatter like dots amongst the green carpet that lay beside the red-dirt trail. Amongst them, Continue reading “Wondrous Weeds”

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