Life’s Detour

It was a gravity crashing,

 star crushing,

 kind of morning

as a kaleidoscope of spinning planets

with unlimited, unanswered questions,

headed for catastrophe


for the prettiest snow flower of a day-dream.

He wanted to sit beside her

to carry her candle

shielded in a cracked glass

against the edge of the sun’s stolen storm of time.

Yet, silently he stood at the airport,

and stared

 at the prettiest hangman’s rope he ever saw

wishing he held a sign that read:

‘Pick me as your next life detour’.


A regret he never did forget.

Silenced Surround Sounds

They didn’t smell the pungent regurgitated mashed food that battled against clouds of floral perfumes and spicy aftershaves.

They didn’t hear the loudspeaker promoting the latest motivational activity or the surrounding shouts accompanied by scraping chairs and falling cutlery.

All they saw was … Continue reading “Silenced Surround Sounds”