Two Weeks & Three Days…

The boy’s small shoes dragged their knotted laces through puddles as he headed for the back door. He tugged at the few buttons left on his shirt as the seams stretched at the shoulders. He licked his swollen lip. Brushed fingers through sweaty hair. He then feathered fingertips over another black eye before trudging into the kitchen.

“How long now, Grandma?” He called out. Continue reading “Two Weeks & Three Days…”

Boundaries Pushed


‘Don’t. You. Dare.’

Shoulders squared off, he glanced left.


He sniffed the air as eyes flicked towards the opposite direction.

‘I know what you’re doing. So forget it.’

Eyeballs glazed over, chin raised,  his tongue did a slow slide across his bottom lip.

The waiting game had begun.

‘I said no, okay?’

His head cocked a slight nod, maybe.

‘Okay.’ Satisfied she turned away.

Mere milliseconds ticked by.

With breath held, his brow crinkled, and he pushed his nappy-padded posterior off the wall. Two unsteady steps forward and his pudgy palms pressed against the door – to freedom.

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