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Charging Sunsets Past

Charging Sunsets Past - Short story - Sunset - -

To my dearest Tracey,

Remember the first time I rang you? Continue reading “Charging Sunsets Past”


Four Wheels Of Reason

We’re saved.” Rick waved his arms at the vehicle weaving along the dirt track.  His three companions rose from their gum tree shaded campsite, also waved with vigour. Continue reading “Four Wheels Of Reason”

The Local Driver


floodplains road 2 (1 of 1)

She parked in front of the local Police Station. Jumped out the driver’s seat with a skip in her step, and smiled at the intermittent shine amongst the dented rusted panels that made up most of the farm Ute.

Today was the day. Continue reading “The Local Driver”

The Classic above her Class.

Bull catcher Below searing sunsets, she’d settle to watch endless galaxies of unblemished shimmering starlight Continue reading “The Classic above her Class.”

The Visit


‘Doctor, can you explain how to commit the perfect murder?’ Continue reading “The Visit”

Road Rogue


“We gotta do it.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Have to.” Holding out the lifejacket. “Coppa’s already onto us.” Continue reading “Road Rogue”

Vehicular Larrikanism


“I’ll check it later,” scratching beneath his oil-stained baseball cap as her bottom lip dropped and looked up at him with pleading puppy-eyes. Shaking his head, he leant down to the rear tyre.  “Y’know Continue reading “Vehicular Larrikanism”

Steer Clear

Peak hour traffic halted, and vehicles are banked-up for miles. Helicopters hover. Emergency vehicle lights flash. Horrified road crew workers run for their lives. Continue reading “Steer Clear”

The Transverse Reversal

I shift the stick into gear. Check to ensure no traffic. Commence delicate balancing act of Continue reading “The Transverse Reversal”

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