When notified of my nominations, I’ll admit I did this weird happy dance. But, due to bouts of busy-ness, I never got much further than the ‘thank you’ to those wonderful people who nominated me below:

Hachette logo Recipient of the 2017 Author Mentorship with Hachette Australia.


The Liebster:  from the talented Martin P.Chandler  of Little Wee Stories.

The Versatile blogger: from Sascha Darlington’s versatile blog versatile-blogger-award-5308975.pngMicrocosm’s Explored.

The Liebster Award (number II) – from the wonderfully Image resultwitty  Welshman, Nik Eveleigh.

Please take the time to scope out these wonderful writers, it’ll be worth the visit.

Published Pieces:

I’d also like to thank the editors from the various publications, below, who are true word-champions. The links below are in random order and are added when and if electronically available for me to share.

I hope you enjoy the read…

Mirrored (poem) published in Poetica 2017

Eyeballing Paralysis (100 word Flash Fiction) with The Drabble

Summer’s Unshackled Sands  (poem) with Silver Birch Press

Shoe-Strangling Stew (Short story) within the Sproutlings Compendium

Pop Up Palace (Flash Fiction) with Five:2:One Magazine

Mangrove Madness (Flash Fiction) with Koru Literary Magazine


Behind the story – Koru Literary Magazine.