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Painted Ruse

“You can’t park here without a permit.”

“Bin’ comin’ ‘ere longer than ’em petty council laws were in place.” She hobbled down the steps clutching a walking stick.

“I’ve never seen you, or this bus you can’t miss.” He studied the small haggard woman.

“D’ya think my bus is pretty?” She beamed wide at the Inspector.

“For an eyesore.”

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Railway Whisper

Originally posted on R&R RAMBLINGS:
? “Just what d’ya think ya’ doin’?” Palms on hips, her head tilted, and eyes squinted against the sunlight. “What d’ya think I’m doin’?” “You’re lying on your back copyin’ a goanna gettin’ a suntan?” “No.” “Are ya waitin’ to die of sunstroke to become Dingo bait?” He…


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