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The Nature Show

My thongs sink slightly towards the gravelly edge of a red muddy beach, where the bitumen road disappears under the floodplain giving life to this one red-dust riddled land. The water mirrors the e…

Source: The Nature Show


Four Wheels Of Reason

We’re saved.” Rick waved his arms at the vehicle weaving along the dirt track.  His three companions rose from their gum tree shaded campsite, also waved with vigour. Continue reading “Four Wheels Of Reason”

Fishy Retaliation


“I’m not done with you.”Browny, with knife in hand, he leapt onto Clyde’s back forcing them to their knees as rivers of blood spilled from Clyde’s forehead.

Clyde howled at the blinding pain wriggling deeper into his skull and fought free, staggering into the pathway of fleeing onlookers gripping their smartphones. Continue reading “Fishy Retaliation”

House Inspector

He opened the creaking dust clogged screen door, noting the Inspector’s brown suit and shoes matched the sedan parked in the weed riddled yard. ‘Whatchya lookin’ for?’ Continue reading “House Inspector”

The Local Driver


floodplains road 2 (1 of 1)

She parked in front of the local Police Station. Jumped out the driver’s seat with a skip in her step, and smiled at the intermittent shine amongst the dented rusted panels that made up most of the farm Ute.

Today was the day. Continue reading “The Local Driver”

Prankster’s Revenge.

Chewing gum stuck to the back of my navy skirt.  Grey muck smeared across dark woollen material like a child’s finger painting gone wrong. I couldn’t go home to change. Instead, I twirled it round hoping to express a unique fashion style. But the cut and shape of the pleated panels, I swear, made my Continue reading “Prankster’s Revenge.”

Fear – not?

Fear: distress caused by impending danger or pain.

Tapping away on the keypad or stating your opinions aloud at home, this doesn’t bring fear. But should there be the fear of Continue reading “Fear – not?”

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