Dance of Rising Dust

set afloat

ashes and dust

abandoned hopes

as shipwrecked ghosts

are left to drift on murky waters

for a day the blue veil lifted

to uncage a gypsy sentence

to re-touch

to renew &

burn regretted debt

 kicking their coffins shut

& stepping round tombstones

So rose the necromancer’s dancer

towards their happiness here ever after

Finding Lost

days lost

as a recycled relic

alive behind jigsaws of glass & brick

just shifting mortar in this dead man’s dance

where the rabid rabbit is trapped in a clockwork spiral

where the tick  crawls on that walled clock of damned denial

listening to souls shadow-chase ghosts under the midday moon

such is another day climbing that planned tapestry chain

forgetting freedoms, faces, and even our names

handcuffed to habits, hurts, and self-blame

I’m out of place amongst the mundane

where static delays decay my days

like a sidelined renegade

chained in body

yet free in mind

how I choose to fall

is where I’ll learn to fly

to stop playing the paycheque-whore

& never look back for that boardroom door

to face the long black-water heated highways

I’ll re-find a renewed lost within an unscheduled history

the ark of freedom

of no


or longitude

on a pleasure drifting mystery

via an invisible map read by a crystal ball

charted on an elephant ride of forgetful wisdom

as magic driftnets cast a new aquatic kingdom

spying wonderland visions of

hatted rabbits chasing

candy-striped zebras

flying sandcastles

& winged kites

all set upon

a gentle rhythm

only a few ajoin

for this ark’s ride of freedom