Paper Chase


 a world

encased in a broom closet

where dreams expand like balloons swept away.


where colour is leached from petals

curled into bleached thorns.


a paper boat floating

amongst pilotless paper planes,

shadowed by pouring shredded paper

on a paperless queen’s parade.


a loss in belief

with no confessional relief

not while the triggers turn


remaining chained to tastes yearned

showing sometimes acceptance

can be emptier than loneliness


an emotional minefield

where dreams are reaped

& souls are minded


the rain trickle of a memory erase

to extend hope on a unicorn chase

past mountain masts

towards a stellar cast

across the ballooned moon’s whiskers

where solitude speaks of dreamt stolen time whispers


the eternal fool

led by a broken watch

to become the mists’ master editor

for the now and forever chase for that pocketful of paper

Planet’s Paradise

I tasted a glimpse of paradise

when I first kissed him on this planet

where he



& re-outlined

my monochromatic world.

He became the foundation of strength

I the support

where his words wove the wonder of two worlds

together we built a bridge that earthed our once lost souls.

He revoked the weary from my smile

breathed hope into me

& made it a home.

He became

my everyday paradise

where listening to his heartbeat

is my lush lullaby of nature serenading my moon.

It might be a tiny part of paradise but to me, I’m so glad he invaded my planet.

Eternal Rain


had me

in that moment

when your presence pirated my mind

you threw an invisible lasso that tightened around me

in a time when I’d been an emotional shipwreck



you chose to be my anchor

among those sweet exotic scents of summer that surrounded you

sinking us deeper into wetter sands



watching a fragrant frangipani flower

follow a floating fallen leaf.

I dream of the taste of salty skin

that washes away my fortress of sand

hoping to stop me sinking into this sorrow

to stop trembling from the aftermath of a tornadic storm



 I knew

the waves whispered to the mermaids of that one summer love

where you were my sizzling summer season

symbolic of our sensual life-long story



it was just a closed door in the rain



there’s magic within a mere moment

if you listen to the wordless silence

that echoes for the moon

it’s where

I pray in this rain

carrying my jar of wishes

where among those ashes’ crystals are formed

to be tossed beyond

the time-told traditions

high into this magical storm

beyond the whispers melting into the mosaic wall cracks

that threatened to shadow our eternal dance on their beliefs


because I knew,

amid this slow centred storm,

he was the lightning

bringing his thunder

and I,

the lunatic

naked, aged,

& unburdened

chose to cross that corner

was ready to dance eternally within the rain.

Dance of Rising Dust

set afloat

ashes and dust

abandoned hopes

as shipwrecked ghosts

are left to drift on murky waters

for a day the blue veil lifted

to uncage a gypsy sentence

to re-touch

to renew &

burn regretted debt

 kicking their coffins shut

& stepping round tombstones

So rose the necromancer’s dancer

towards their happiness here ever after

Finding Lost

days lost

as a recycled relic

alive behind jigsaws of glass & brick

just shifting mortar in this dead man’s dance

where the rabid rabbit is trapped in a clockwork spiral

where the tick  crawls on that walled clock of damned denial

listening to souls shadow-chase ghosts under the midday moon

such is another day climbing that planned tapestry chain

forgetting freedoms, faces, and even our names

handcuffed to habits, hurts, and self-blame

I’m out of place amongst the mundane

where static delays decay my days

like a sidelined renegade

chained in body

yet free in mind

how I choose to fall

is where I’ll learn to fly

to stop playing the paycheque-whore

& never look back for that boardroom door

to face the long black-water heated highways

I’ll re-find a renewed lost within an unscheduled history

the ark of freedom

of no


or longitude

on a pleasure drifting mystery

via an invisible map read by a crystal ball

charted on an elephant ride of forgetful wisdom

as magic driftnets cast a new aquatic kingdom

spying wonderland visions of

hatted rabbits chasing

candy-striped zebras

flying sandcastles

& winged kites

all set upon

a gentle rhythm

only a few ajoin

for this ark’s ride of freedom

the forfeit for freedom

tell me a story

a secret within

painting pictures on clouds

making windows from stars

that stretch to the sun

in a spark of pursuit

on a misguided route

breaching every exclusion zone

airing out an artist’s attic

dusting off dreams

chasing that string

into the stars, we’ll swing

gathering those clusters together

into bouquets of brilliant balloons

finding the fun in forfeiting rules

for the freedom of feelings

that truly teaches us

to fly

Summer’s Unshackled Sands

It was a time when bathers & boardies became wardrobe necessities
and smeared sunscreen and floppy hats were common accessories.
Maths is forgotten on countless surfboard tumbles & kickboard glides
and where our English lessons were compromised.
Our screams deafened from sand dune slides
yet, we listened to Surf Lifesavers’ lessons
on spotting sharks and surviving riptides.

It was a time of drowsy afternoons of ice cream cones & sticky fingers
where lanky limbs hung over the veranda’s hammock swings.
We’d rest peeling sunburnt skin and gritty eyes,
as a chance to repair kites and fishing lines.

But as the sun simmers its summer spin
the shack’s lights spread across the warm sand
tasting barbecued snags
we’d craft our bonfire singalongs,
pirate wars, and ghosted mermaid tales,
to the finale’s yawning chorus of ‘not-tired’ wails.
Ending in slumber on bunk beds cooled by a reef’s breeze
where we’d wish away school bells and the oncoming winter freeze.

A Knight’s Birth

They fed

off others’ fear

polluting the atmosphere

like a sideshow of mirrored shrieks

unleashing their own wintered Dorian freaks.

Until a battle-worn body

with a mind

once confined

to the catalogues of chaos,

found his newly lost identity

amidst an ancient assassin’s ancestry.

Where once,

slave sold

by blue-blooded gold,

reborn of the hunted he preyed

for the revenge, he carried against all those betrayed.

Tethered Love, poem by Mel A ROWE

Tethered Love


scratching at hidden scars

plucking on unstrung guitars

re-freezing my halo of thorns

& lowering it over like a noose

beneath the wild rose moon

of a love once tethered

upon the ladder top

ready to leap

to become a cemetery secret

that made the ghosts too scared to speak


don’t dare

whisper of a future

carried in sun trails of dust particles

spreading the silenced news


spare saying

the grace of honesty & trust shared

is as easy as the daily rising

sun of tomorrow


sorry, but

you remind me of somewhere

I’ve could’ve, should’ve,

& don’t dare be…



(100 words)