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 HOME SWEET ~ not!

Houses, homes, flats, apartments, units, townhouses, shacks, humpies, caravans and more. It’s the roof over our heads and those within, such as the family, friends, pets, or fairies, all feature within this collection of flash fiction, micro-fiction and short-short stories.

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Moving Moments

Trucks, cars, boats, skateboards and the time spent around or near these tools to move us to feature within this collection of flash fiction, micro-fiction, short stories, and short-short stories.

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The Football Whisperer

The Football Whisperer dishes out healthy doses of humour and healing, that go hand in hand in this heartfelt story of two different people, from two different worlds, who face their fears together for love.

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UnPlanned Party

When you can never have enough music, cocktails, or glitter to enjoy the party that life. 

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Avoiding The Pity Party

Where witty complications and comedic chaos occurs when you find yourself stuck living with your quirky family.

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“…where the marriage of magic & adventure reaches new heights…”

Where sand, surf, scooters & storms become the tools for a romantic adventure story… 


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