8Hey there, I’m Mel! (*waves)

I’m an international bestselling author who likes to dabble on other short fiction – aka Flash Fiction, as a break between my full-length novels.


So what’s the go with the mega-long title on a site that boasts short fictional works?


(R) =  Rural:

Don’t we all love a little bit of country now and again. And I live rural, out back in the middle of nowhere in the Top End of Northern Australia. How rural can you get, huh?

(R) =  Romantic:

The dictionary says, “…someone who is idealistic but impractical. Passionate and imaginative, rather than having order and form.”

It’s when imagination runs riot, passions rise, and out of the chaos comes something creative! 

Oh, and who doesn’t love a bit of romance in their day! 💜 We certainly do.

(R) =  Ramblings:

Again, the dictionary states, “…it is to wander without a definite route…”

Pst, you’re a wanderer to have found this site! *High-five! Or in COVID-times let’s elbow-bump!*

I’m also a wanderer in my words that is let loose here– editor free! So don’t mind the **&%$ mistakes – K!?

Feel free to leave commments, or just say hey. But do grab your favourite beverage and scroll the stories and poetry on the pages. They’re free to enjoy.


Happy Reading.


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  1. Thanks Daniel, appreciate the input for my comments area…I’ll admit, Steer Clear is a major crack-up moment when writing it. Cheers for the read, comments & follow. Mel.

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  2. Thanks for the like on my A ‘Nuff Said Series: The Prude, the Cad, and the Fugly. If you hadn’t stopped by, it might have taken me longer to get to this site. Good stuff!


  3. Hi Mel, thanks for following my blog. Yours is fantastic – it’s always nice connecting with other authors who write about and are inspired by our amazing country. Nice photos too, btw! 🙂

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