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A place for that brief reading escape.

Hey there, I’m Mel A ROWE, an Australian Bestselling Author who creates escapes for today’s busy women to enjoy from the comfort of home. That’s for my novels.

For this site, I create short pieces that alternate from flash fiction, short-short stories, and poetry.

In ALL genres.

As an introvert, this site started my publishing journey by becoming my pallet-cleanser as a way to explore other avenues of writing.

What is R&R Ramblings?

It stands for Rural Romantic Ramblings:

(R) =   Rural:

I hide in a place where most Australians consider a remote, rural location known as the Northern Territory’s Top End. It’s where many locals claim we’re surrounded by more cattle and crocodiles than people!

(R) =   Romantic:

The dictionary says, “…someone who is idealistic but impractical. Passionate and imaginative, rather than having order and form.”

Yep, pick me! My novels are delivered with a dash of drama, witty humour, quirky characters, and fun family units. I’m known for reinventing romantic versions of home, taking my common characters on uncommon journeys that lead from boardrooms to billabongs as they try to find their own Escape to HAPPILY EVER AFTER. (#Escape2HEA)

As for the flash fiction, prose, and poetry on this site, I cover all genres, wherever my muse may lead me. I’ve been graced with a few awards, contributed to the global Poets of the World via ByMe Poetry; and my short works, short stories, and flash fiction can be found in various international literary publications.


Winner of the NT Author Mentorship with Hachette Australia in 2017; I was short-listed for Best New Author by AusRomToday Readers’ Choice Awards in late 2018.  Became #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR in the US, UK, and in Australia on my first anniversary as a published author. I also manage a procrastinator’s blog on my author site, MelAROWE.com.

So, yeah, I kinda like to write… stuff!

(R)      Ramblings:

Again, the dictionary states, “…it is to wander without a definite route…”

Duh! As a wanderer in not only words but on weekends I explore my unique backyard on random road trips, fumbling with my camera, all while I annoy the family with my atrocious singing from my updated playlists. (Seriously, I’m really that bad!)

Anyway, this site is for that quick read, and read purely for entertainment. Pleeeeeese DON’T BE TOO PICKY on my grammar, I’m only doing this for fun. And honestly, it’s my fingertips that tap-dance across the keyboard following my imagination to produce the story of the moment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I thank you for the follow (I hope) so that we may meet again.

Happy reading,

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Copyright © Mel A. Rowe 2019



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16 thoughts on “Welcome to R&R Ramblings.

  1. Karina Pinella says:

    Thanks for the like on my A ‘Nuff Said Series: The Prude, the Cad, and the Fugly. If you hadn’t stopped by, it might have taken me longer to get to this site. Good stuff!


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