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Welcome to R&R Ramblings.

A place for that brief reading escape.

Hi, I’m Mel. I’m an Australian, genre-blending word-player, who creates short fortnightly pieces that alternate from flash fiction, short-short stories, and poetry. As in introvert, this site started my publishing journey where it has become my pallet-cleanser to explore other avenues of writing besides my novels, found at MelAROWE.com.

As for the name R&R Ramblings, it stands for Rural Romantic Ramblings:

(R) =   Rural:

I hide in a place where most Australians consider a remote, rural location known as the Northern Territory’s Top End. Where it’s claimed there are more cattle and crocodiles than people.

(R) =   Romantic:

The dictionary claims, “…someone who is idealistic but impractical. Passionate and imaginative, rather than having order and form.”

Hello, that’s me! My novels aim for that romantic happily ever after and can be found at MelAROWE.com.  As for the flash fiction on this site, I cover all genres where-ever my muse may lead me. My shorter works have been published internationally, and I’m currently the recipient of the NT’s 2017 Author Mentorship with Hachette Australia. 

(R)      Ramblings:

Again, the dictionary states, “…it is to wander without a definite route…”

Yep, pick me! As a wanderer in not only words but on weekends I explore my unique backyard where you can find my many images on Instagram.

This site is for that quick read, to be read purely for entertainment. And honestly, it’s my fingertips that tap-dance across the keyboard following my imagination to produce the story of the moment.

Thank you for your visit, thank you for the follow (I hope), and I appreciate your constructive comments.

Best wishes,


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Please note, I do travel on weekends where most places I venture to there is no mobile signal. So, I thank you in advance for your patience, but I will get back to you. (Soonish…)


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