Welcome to R&R Ramblings.


We create graphics and gifts for writers of romance because we believe in spoiling authors who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create those amazing HEAs for their readers.

So, what does the words R&R mean?

It could mean…

Rest & Relaxation

Roles & Responsibilities

Recruitment & Retention

Rest & Recuperation

Remove & Replace

Romance & Read

Refit & Repair

Rinse & Repeat

Readers & Writers

Roger Rabbit — wait! What?

Read & Review

Rock & Roll

There are lots of interpretations for our humble house of creativity, but seeing as how we’ve only just met, we’ll let your imagination run with the names we haven’t put on this page!

Originally, it stands for Rural Romantic Ramblings:

We can blame Mel A ROWE (an international bestselling author) for the original title.

So, to explain what the original R&R means:

(R) =  Rural:

Don’t we all love a little bit of country now and again.

(R) =  Romantic:

The dictionary says, “…someone who is idealistic but impractical. Passionate and imaginative, rather than having order and form.”

It’s when imagination runs riot, passions rise, and out of the chaos comes something creative! That’s why we do it, it’s something we love doing. Are you nodding with us?

Oh, and who doesn’t love a bit of romance in their day! 💜 We certainly do.

(R) =  Ramblings:

Again, the dictionary states, “…it is to wander without a definite route…”

Pst, you’re a wanderer to have found this site! *High-five! Or in COVID-times let’s elbow-bump!*

We’re also wanderers in not only words but with various other creative formats that we love sharing with YOU.

So now go on, spoil yourself by finding that perfect gift in our shop.

Until we meet again, happy writing,

Mel & the Team.

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  1. Thanks Daniel, appreciate the input for my comments area…I’ll admit, Steer Clear is a major crack-up moment when writing it. Cheers for the read, comments & follow. Mel.

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  2. Thanks for the like on my A ‘Nuff Said Series: The Prude, the Cad, and the Fugly. If you hadn’t stopped by, it might have taken me longer to get to this site. Good stuff!


  3. Hi Mel, thanks for following my blog. Yours is fantastic – it’s always nice connecting with other authors who write about and are inspired by our amazing country. Nice photos too, btw! 🙂

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