Finding Lost

days lost

as a recycled relic

alive behind jigsaws of glass & brick

just shifting mortar in this dead man’s dance

where the rabid rabbit is trapped in a clockwork spiral

where the tick  crawls on that walled clock of damned denial

listening to souls shadow-chase ghosts under the midday moon

such is another day climbing that planned tapestry chain

forgetting freedoms, faces, and even our names

handcuffed to habits, hurts, and self-blame

I’m out of place amongst the mundane

where static delays decay my days

like a sidelined renegade

chained in body

yet free in mind

how I choose to fall

is where I’ll learn to fly

to stop playing the paycheque-whore

& never look back for that boardroom door

to face the long black-water heated highways

I’ll re-find a renewed lost within an unscheduled history

4 thoughts on “Finding Lost

  1. Really enjoyed reading this one Mel. What immediately struck me about it is that it made me consider how so many chains on our lives are self-imposed. One day my own paycheque-whoredom will be a distant memory…

    Lots of great lines but perhaps my favourite was “static delays decay my days” – so much frustration in those words and it really resonated with me. A great read as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “How I choose to fall
    Is where I’ll learn to fly”

    Great personal motto ….beautiful ode!


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