Silenced Surround Sounds

They didn’t smell the pungent regurgitated mashed food that battled against clouds of floral perfumes and spicy aftershaves.

They didn’t hear the loudspeaker promoting the latest motivational activity or the surrounding shouts accompanied by scraping chairs and falling cutlery.

All they saw was … each other.

For him, her eyes told of a passion that shone through heavy clouds to showcase a spring sky.

For her, his slow smile creased with mischievous intelligence.

She motioned to the carer to push her walker towards his. Bored with bingo she was determined to check if his teeth were real.

(100 words)

2 thoughts on “Silenced Surround Sounds

  1. You keep claiming I’m the master of the opening line but I can only stand and salute the Mistress of the Closer! Sweet and very funny – nicely done as always Mel 🙂

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