Whispered Wants, flash fiction post by Mel A ROWE

She inhaled deeply, basking in his manly aroma. His large palms cocooned her hands. Staring deep into his eyes where the world around them no longer registered.

He leaned in closer and whispered the words, ‘my little blood-puddin!’

‘Huh?’ She blinked at him as if flushing out an eyelash.

His fingertip stroked her cheek, sharing a dreamy grin, he sighed. ‘You’re my little blood-puddin.’

Stepping back with her back straight, her eyes narrowed at him. ‘Fine. Peanut.’

His frown faltered. ‘But, I’m allergic to peanuts.’

‘Like I’m a vegetarian—babe!’

(90 words)

The above piece of Flash Fiction, somehow, ended up creating the topic for this fortnight’s conversation (and side venture into procrastination) for my author site… 
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