Unfenced Blues - R&R Ramblings

It was the final stand

Where I’m

Damned if I don’t do,

Damned if I won’t choose

To sing another’s un-worded song.

There’ll be no more re-kicking these crossroad blues

Amid scattered graves of papered bones

& tombed testimonial tomes.

As first light, I arose with those of the free

& chose to dodge Death’s sole purpose and flee.

Where once I was the beloved scholar

Of the shadow stalking soul stealer,

Who’d come to relish the dance amongst the darkness.

Until I snapped the reeded weave of my basket’s case

That had become a melancholic mind mess.

I tried to clear a cellar full of dirty secrets

& break this spinning hoop of habits.

So I took a shortcut

Through this marathon

& slipped through the gap

To flee the chain of white picket fences

To find the freedom to skip with my monsters in the sun.