Sin's Soulmate - R&R Ramblings


Was the demon at the steering wheel

on our detour to reshape the gates of hell.

I, impatient with passion,

was shadow chained to his sin.

With a halo of fire, nails carved symbols

of our savage sacrifice across our skins.

We’d singed our wings’ edges via sins that scalded the sun

only to break & burn like ash, tossed & lost in turbulent seas.

There He left me.

Shivering & defenceless under the scorching sun

 it opened the cage for my unclipped wings to find the courage to fly.

On unsteady ground, it was the beginning of my journey.

Amongst the soulless, I became the breeze

Blowing away chalk lines of normality

For the desired illusional escape from others’ reality.

Then He caught me.

When I’d fallen far down the path of darkness.

And it’s there when I stopped breathing

That’s when He truly showed me how to live.