The cold floor beneath her feet was invigorating as she skipped with the taste of freedom coursing through her veins. With one step after the other, her smile grew wider. The scents of sweet fresh air, the view of trees and flowers in the garden were brimming with life and colour. So unlike the flowers she’d watched wither away, and now no longer needed.

She waved to the nurses at the counter. Giggled at the cheeky orderlies who brought much cheer as their well-wishes made her heart glow. The Doctor who always spoke over his glasses pushed them up his nose and tilted his head giving her a bow. She even got a slight a crease of a smile on those thin lips that were always so serious.

Past the other patients, where she’d heard their hopes of what they’d achieve once they left these corridors. And now she too got her chance to stand at the main doors. Her heart hammering, not with fear, but excitement, it was time.

The double doors whispered open and there was her family waiting for her with wide smiles. She rushed forwards with arms open finally going home…

The machine’s continuous beep flat-lined. The Doctor turned it off, swamping them in silence that filled the sterile room. With glasses on the end of his nose, his eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. “Time of death, 8:25am.” He patted the old woman’s shoulder, bowed his head and said, “May you rest in peace.”

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