Dear Neighbour

Fourteen days ago (Monday, 5:40am) it was requested you temper your new outdoor front lights that beam into the neighbour’s property. In case you’re unaware from your tower in the sky, these new lights illuminate the following areas of the neighbouring property: the entire backyard and beyond. All up, the shine from your lights past your boundary fence line is an underestimation of 75% into the neighbour’s property. Only thing blocking the full 100% is the roof!

As neighbours of a few years, we’ve been unable to utilise the back of the property you’ve chosen to highlight as your view from above. We’ve endured the extreme volumetric assault from your uncontrolled dogs frustrated barking and fence-line attacks. We’re forced to dodge debris from your ongoing ginormous palm-frond litter, with its potential to damage property and harm a child. And now you want to blind us with your lights too!

We should be thanking you for sharing your light and life with the suburb. It’s been great fodder for joke creations on how many people it takes to watch an annoying lightbulb change. But this is not an industrial area and we’re pretty sure you’re not part of the council street lighting regime. Some of us aren’t scared of suburban shadows and don’t require red-carpet opening-night-lights highlighting a reality show we don’t want to watch – the neighbours.

So again, we humbly request you: temper/diffuse/block/dimmer/dull/redirect/divert/re-aim/restrict/control your outdoor light-stream to remain on your side of the boundary fence.

For the sake (of what’s left) of neighbourly relations, prior to urban guerrilla warfare, this simplistic request for a diplomatic solution shift-workers would understand as a high impact result to be acted upon.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation.


 The Neighbours – you know which ones just follow the light.

Sunday, 4:30am.


What would you do, if your neighbour shone the light on your life?

Or has anyone been in something similar with their neighbours, if so, please share?



Home Sweet ~ not

If you enjoyed this Neighbours-gone-bad story, then you might also enjoy more in the newly released Home Sweet ~ not! 

It’s currently in its roll-out release phase, and hopefully in your favourite online bookstore, today.

5 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. I’ve mentioned before that you brighten up my day Mel but no need to scorch my retinas in the process. I’m squinting in sympathy!


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