Passer’s Parade

Stuck in peak hour traffic under a sweltering summer sun, the radio rambled about the traffic jam ahead. Everyone waited inside their vehicles that lined up like a disjointed snake sleeping along the highway. When the sound of a bee-buzzing whine grew louder, reminding me of a toy airplane that never takes off.

In the side mirror’s reflection, I spotted a large man that grew larger. Even with the sign stating that images may appear larger than they seem – He got larger. With a big black bushy beard, goggles, and helmet, he resembled the cliché of a big-bad-arsed burly biker in his late forties.

Except he was on a scooter!

A baby-blue or little-boy-blues bike that he towered over.

There we were, behaving, stuck in traffic, all while King-Kong’s civilised cousin waved like the queen in his own parade. Cruising along the bicycle lane, with a beer in one hand and lit cigarette in the other. He probably got home in time before he needed a refill while the rest of us remained to wrestle with peak hour traffic.

And that’s a true story of life in the Territory…

What are some of the strangest things you’ve seen while stuck in traffic?

(An Excerpt from A Heroe's Ride from my other site

8 thoughts on “Passer’s Parade

  1. I love this. I love your descriptions of traffic, and I enjoy where you went with the biker.

    As for weird stuff in traffic–I once passed a guy in a full Spider-Man costume, mask and all. It seems even Spidey needs transport when there aren’t any tall buildings nearby.

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  2. There’s some shit you just can’t make up huh…?! You learn to stop noticing weirdness in South African traffic after the first time you see a minibus taxi driver navigating through traffic in a vehicle with a monkey wrench in place of a steering wheel!

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  3. LOL. Thank you, Paul, for your perfectly succinct and appreciated comment. You’re making me think of re-titling this post… (*still laughing.)


  4. Ha ha. I loved this post.
    Much of what I write are short stories, often about small moments in our lives, which is why this post awake the interest of my muse… Thank you.

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