Code Broke

“Help me look,” urged Ricky.

“For what?” asked Luke.

“There’s a code hidden in the paint work.”

Luke screwed up his nose at the scribble covered wall. “Aint graffiti a code nobody understands?”

“It’s a code within a code, there.” Ricky pointed to the insignia amongst the spray paint and jotted letters onto his notepad. “G… H… E… Two O’s and an m.”

“What does it say?” They stared at the paper as their silent mouths shaped unknown words.

“Go home!”

“That’s it?”

Luke shrugged with a heavy sigh.

“Your mum could’ve made this scavenger hunt longer, you know.”

(100 words)


5 thoughts on “Code Broke

  1. Once more the queen of story endings lives up to her title 🙂 Excellent stuff Mel – great example of the drabble format being used properly to convey a complete story. Hope all is going well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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