‘Everyone hates me,’ cried Monday.

‘Get over yourself like everyone calls me hump-day,’ said Wednesday.

‘Easy for you, when we’re just nothing,’ said Tuesday looking at Thursday, ‘or you’re payday?’

‘Everyone plans for us,’ said Saturday.

‘Most people sleep it away and miss me,’ said Sunday

‘But everyone loves me.’

‘Because you’re Friday and I’m not having this conversation with a calendar.’ And the writer closed down his laptop, grabbed his coffee mug adding another shot of bourbon and walked away from his desk. ‘This writer’s block is killing me.’


Writer’s note: I’m currently meeting deadlines for other writing projects (my novels), so don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back soon(ish).

4 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. ‘Tis a feeling I know so well. The drinking bourbon in my morning coffee part. Oh wait, there was no mention of it being morning…hmm…best I keep quiet…

    Hope the block is fictional rather than your current state of reality 🙂


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