Indebted Luck

I know it’s somewhere I shouldn’t be

pawning away my heart

on a secret sidelined spending spree.

But I’m over waiting for that break in traffic

to re-order my life in a closed-up drive-thru.

Sure, I’ve let chances spill

like sand between my fingers,

and that’s why I’m taking my turn

at tomorrow’s lucky chance wheel – today.

So let the dealer shuffle the deck,

as the piano player tickles the keys

& the Reaper smiles from his seat next to me.

But take no notice of his shadow stretching

as more coins drop

in hopes of a cash crop

from a credit stacked deck

mixed in with a new plastic card deal

& so preys the numbers that spin this lost luck’s wheel.

2 thoughts on “Indebted Luck

  1. This is a very melancholy piece and quite thoughtfully constructed. Lots of excellent lines and I like the sense of not going quietly that comes through in some of the more defiant ones. I think this will have resonance and a range of meaning for different readers. Really nicely done Mel.

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  2. Thanks, Nic.
    I’d be interested to see what other interpretations come out of it when I had no idea where this piece was going either – call it a mood! Or the beauty of word-playing-poetry. (I love my job. I love my job…)

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