Imaginator’s Keyboard

typewriter (1 of 1)


the dragon’s pull

of an imaginator’s trance

tapped the writer’s keyboard dance

that strives to unleash the bird-caged beauty

to brandish her blunted sword against the bored.

Where every direction is a questioned choice

for the search of an unrepeated pattern.

Wherein a pause lurks a library’s maze

where worlds within begin

a new pursuit of the mind’s twist.

It’s a discovery of hidden chapters

while avoiding the kill of hearted darlings.

It’s why a writer’s job is never done

why a writer’s mind tries to fly

to beat the adulting curse

against the days

of sameness.

6 thoughts on “Imaginator’s Keyboard

  1. Beautifully sums up why we spend hours at a keyboard crafting different realities. “To beat the adulting curse against the days of sameness” – fantastic line to finish on. I suspect I have a Tuesday of sameness ahead of me so this was a nice way to start it.

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  2. Isn’t it our excuse for producing something from the procrastination and keyboard surfing whilst maintaining the art of looking busy? 😛

    Hope you kick that curse of sameness, Nik, and enjoy your mischievous day. Thanks as always for commenting.

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  3. Maintaining the busy illusion – a modern day art form 😉

    I’m only kicking in a metaphorical sense due to currently being one ankle short of a pair (playing in the park with the kids is more dangerous than I thought – nice sprain) but I’m kicking curses all the same 🙂

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