The Halls of Parliament

Parliament House 1 (1 of 1)
Main foyer, Parliament House, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. (Last night)

“I’ve got no balls.”

“But, I’m stripped bare.”

“It’s okay, I’ve got a dildo-bird which makes me happy.”

“Oooh, I’ve got a double headed dildo-bird in my collection, my boyfriend got it.”

“But, my egg’s incubating -”

When the security guard reefed opened the door. “Parliament’s halls are not the place for – what the?”

Three women looked up from their handheld phone screens, blinking. “Are the speeches finished?”

The guard frowned. “We’re closed.”

“Wow, this Pokemon game is addictive.”

“Goodnight, Ladies.” The guard stepped back pointing to the exit, shaking his head at the women in cocktail gowns, as click-clacking heels echoed across the deserted marble foyer.

“Wonder if they have any Pokemon politicians?”

“For breaking promises or the game’s eggs?”

“Hey, let’s go toss a lure in the bar across the road and see what we catch?” And with phones in hand, the game led them astray.

(150 words)


To the ‘Pokemon Princesses’, you know who you are, I said I would… And I did. (*Exits, giggling.)


4 thoughts on “The Halls of Parliament

  1. …and in other news random blogger Nik Eveleigh graciously accepted defeat in the “Who can write a better opening line” challenge. He is unavailable for comment at this time as he is being treated for a tea-snorting related sinus injury.


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  2. Sinus-tea-snorting, now there’s an event you don’t hear often enough :p I’m still trying to catch up on this unknown ‘opening line’ challenge I’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion and top it off… (*still laughing, trying to type through happy tears)

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  3. Consider it payback of the best kind, and that saying of being careful in what you say – especially when there is a writer in the room (or lurking around Parliament)😀. Cheers for commenting.

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