A character’s passage follows a page.

Voices heard. Souls revealed. Love & hates, unfold as told.

You’ve shared their tears. Their sweat. Their fears.

Witnessed their good, the bad, the brutal and sad.

As their life led to one triumphant moment

until you type… THE END.

So, where do they go?

I think the question some of my followers might ask is where have I been?

Well, there’s a shine to my letter-worn keyboard, resulting in a completed manuscript that is now into its next phase.

But, I’m still lurking around asking profound questions, such as where do those created characters go? Imagining they’re continuing their own story. Or hanging out in some Green room with other waiting characters, like sobering leftovers from a Writers’ convention.

Yep, time to step away from the keyboard and blink… blink again, and visit the real world – but only for a little bit, because I think my fingers might suffer some keypad withdrawal.