Hell’s heat rises from parched sunburnt earth.
Once flush creek beds – bone dry crevices.
They wait. Thirsty.

A whip crack echoes.
Electricity builds in the air.
Curling breezes whisks a red dust whirlwind.
It covers the sun like a curse and bloodies the sky
Clouds, long, grey and thick, roll like an inverted sea.
Jagged javelin lightening spears the darkness.

The rumble rolls through sweltering bodies.
Cicators scratch their humming song.
Birds shudder dust riddled plumage.
Green tree frogs blink at harsh light
And bark like warning trumpets.

You can smell it. Taste it.
Almost touch it.

Please break this drought and bloody rain.

Thank you to all my wonderful followers for not ditching me over my break. To my new followers, welcome. Hope you all enjoy the show for 2016.  Mel.Xx

FYI – photo is mine.