Once Lived In.

Individual items picked. Studied. It’s future to be decided.

Choose left to keep? Right to toss? Centre to sell?

Out-of-date, broken remnants unearthed.

Remembrances resurfaced and retained.

Boxed. Labelled. Stacked. Carried.

An uncluttered cavity created.

It echoes loud silence.

Front door locked.

Family relocated.

Only the unshifting shell remains.

(50 words)

There’s this guy who wrote messages underneath kitchen drawers as his secret farewell memento in houses he’d once occupied. Others have scratched names on trees, initialled wet cement, and children’s growth marks have been left inconspicuously on door frames.

What secret mark have you ever left in a previously lived-in dwelling?


from the Flash Fiction collection HOME SWEET NOT


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16 thoughts on “Once Lived In.

  1. When I read about the person who wrote messages under kitchen drawers, I instantly regretted not having thought of such a clever good-bye. I have almost finished writing a book about moving dozens of times; all those lost opportunities! But I suppose I can be philosophical and say that it meant I was truly ready to move on, even if I thought I wasn’t. Hmm…

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  2. I can’t believe through all the years of rented and bought accommodation across two continents I’ve never left a secret mark. The wasteland that is my life has been truly revealed

    *makes note to contact estate agent in the morning*


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  3. The stories and secrets that houses could tell… endless possibilities. Thanks for the comment, and congratulations on nearly finishing your book. 🙂

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  4. Thank you, David. I’m sure most of us have left some mark, somewhere – where the real estate agents/ landlords can’t find, and what we won’t own up to.


  5. Dude, seriously? Nil marks, nowhere? Wow! You’re a rare breed, my friend. Should’ve been called Mark. Mark-less, Mark-free… move along, there’s no-Mark’s here! 😛

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  6. Good question, I remember stick random items in a hole in the floor once. But that was when I was a kid. 🙂
    When we remodeled our house we found old newspapers in the walls, that was fun.
    If we ever move from our current house the next person will find hundreds of dead bees in the wall. Some bees made a nest in the wall and I plugged the hole.

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  7. Great comment. Newspapers would be a common find in old houses & uncovered treasures beneath floor boards has my mind rambling off on its own tangent. But bees? That’s new. ☺Thank you so much for sharing.


  8. I know it’s not exactly the answer you asked for, but one of my neighbor’s kids wrote something in marker on the underside of a table in my house. He was very young, though, so I didn’t get too upset about it. What can you do? In any case, nobody else will ever notice unless, for some unaccountable reason, they decide to get down on their hands and knees and start examining my furniture from the underside. 🙂

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  9. I remembered doing that at the end of school year where we’d flip desks to pack up the classes & sign our names ( and try not to get busted by teaches). Thank you for jogging my memory & for your comment. Much appreciated of the visit too ☺

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  10. I vaguely remember some kids doing something similar on our last day at elementary school. I don’t think I did, though. I was probably too busy dancing and cheering. 🙂


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