From slumbering darkness, I’m whipped into bright light and warm air – but where?

In the car, balancing on the steering wheel, roaming a new road. Be it dirt, sand, or asphalt, I’ve been there. Crossed countless kilometres. Scanned sunsets, sunrises and storm clouds. I’ve felt the wind, the smog, and arid desert dust. Sweltered amid humid monsoons. Cringed against a bushfire’s slickened heat. And savoured the smooth roll of cool salty seas.

I’ve faced wide-eyed green tree frogs awakening for the change of tropical seasons. Kissed sand covered dog noses. Flinched at a Barramundi’s watery tail-flick propelling above water-lily riddled billabongs.  And tracked a sea eagle’s wingspan mirrored across stilled waters on dawns first light.

I’ve been swallowed amongst mazed streets, darkened alleys, and shifting crowds. Dodged bike wheel rolls and rumbling engines. Stooped before hovering helicopters. Eyed roaring planes soaring above skeletal cranes, peppering overpopulated city skylines.

Yet, I’ve basked in this galaxy’s starlit skies of silence, while camped on secluded summits. And watched the eclipsing blood moon spread shadows across the desolate outback.

Witnessed weddings, celebrations, and ancient mystical ceremonies. The loud and proud singing shouts of team players. And yet still heard a child’s whispering wish follow a falling star.

This world contains much beauty which my owner wants me to see. As I aim, focus, snap and save, with hope of sharing their vision.

Then I’m shoved into darkness once again.

Brought out, stripped down. Memory’s downloaded. Battery’s re-charged. Lens cleaned. Then packed away. Ready.

And I wait.

Until my eye’s re-opened to capture another small part of this planet’s picturesque magnificence.

Thanks for reading.💕