The Right White Light


He stood in front of the illuminated doorway. Wide eyes reflected shimmering white light.

So much mattered on this one decision.

Licked dry lips. Wiped perspiration against his hoodie. His heart erratic.

Hesitant fingers grasped the cool handle. A slight resistance against his pull, and cool air brushed against his knuckles.

He halted. Let go. Stepped back, frowning. Palms slid into denimed pockets.

His gateway to heaven balanced on this one pinnacle moment. Shrouded in white bright light – he did not want to mess up.

Dammit – he couldn’t remember what milk type his new girlfriend wanted him to bring?

(100 words)

And here’s a random side note:

Here, in the Top End of Australia, the city of Darwin is named after Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary thought and species classifications. Like the naming of marsupials for all lactating milk producing creatures.

The irony is, there’s no dairy or dairy cows in the Top End, due to our harsh climatic conditions. Milk is imported by road-train tankers that look like they’re carting oil. But we have more beef cattle than people and cattle stations bigger than cities.

There’s no Milkman but there used be the Milk-run. An ol’ aeroplane that visited remote regions delivering milk, the snail-mail (postal delivery) and last week’s newspaper – if you were lucky. Today, most locals keep a Cow-in-the-cupboard, which is the powdered, tinned, UHT, Long-life carton milk varieties.

Making fresh milk a must-have-treat when venturing near the city. And to bask in cool air from walls of fridges while choosing from today’s milk selections:

Low Fat. No fat. Skim. Full Cream. Permeate free. Original white (Isn’t milk naturally white?) New lite-white (where’d the old lite-white go?). Organic. Lactose free. Gluten Free. Added Calcium. Protein A2. Smarter white (For real? Are the cows smarter too?). Then there’s Buttermilk, Soy milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk, flavoured milks….

Did I miss any?


10 thoughts on “The Right White Light

  1. Great stuff! I love these pieces with the flash fiction element and then the extra info – enjoyed both equally 🙂 I think the only thing you missed was milk-free-milk.

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  2. Would that be called non-milk or Non-cow-juice? We could create a whole new bi-product from some inorganic liquefied leftovers & add white coloring &… Think I’ll stick with beer. Always a pleasure, kind Sir.

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