The Drink

“So, what’ll you have,” he asked the young lady as they faced the setting sun.

“Um, well… I’ll have… um…” She teethed her bottom lip, blinking at the orange and red skyline.

“It’s just a drink.” Shoving hands into his pockets, he scanned the mingling crowd.

“Um… Wine. No, wait–Beer. Do you drink beer? Maybe I should have water? Yes, all this fresh air’s dehydrating. You? Um…. No, wait, cocktail? Is that too much? Or a non-alcoholic cocktail? That’ll be a juice, right? No, wait–“

His eyes rolled as he suppressed an inner groan.“It’s just one drink.”

“This is fun?”

He raised his eyebrow at her.

“Soooo romantic. Perfect place for our wedding, don’t you think?”

He gagged, tugging at his t-shirt’s collar as his face reddened.

“You alright? Want me to get you a drink?”

“I’ll fetch my own, thanks.” He turned and ran to edge and took a flying leap.

“MAN OVERBOARD,” came the cry.

The skipper at the helm shook his head and wheeled his yacht around and headed for the man swimming for shore. “That’s it – No more Single’s Nights on this boat. Poor blokes can’t handle the pressure.”

(200 words)


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7 thoughts on “The Drink

  1. Hey chook- thanks and I’m honored for the feedback… surely not too long a forgotten tale of your past? Would that be you swimming or your husband!!!


  2. Hehe – this gave me a good laugh to start my morning which was just what I needed. Wasn’t expecting what the drink would end up actually referring to! Nice job 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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