In Australia we have compulsory voting. Why? Um, because no one would bother to vote. And in light of what’s happened in politics overnight – five Prime Ministers in five years without an election, why should we bother?

So instead of voting here are ten reasons why we should rid compulsory voting in Australia:

1-Read a book in bed from cover to cover – just not the Constitution because they’ll change the ending any day now.

2- Save trees by not printing all those ‘how-to-vote’ cards we throw in the bin before we leave the voting booths.

3- Save fuel by not going to the polling booth, which will reduce our carbon footprint, reduce smog, traffic and road-rage to those regions.

4- Continue with your normal routine instead of wasting time in line trying to find your name on a list among millions, ie. “…Smith… you know, Smith…”

5- You can dodge your Boss posing as a political groupie at the polling booths because you don’t want the peer pressure of having to vote for his guy.

6- Unlearn how to tick voting boxes when you can learn to look outside the square.

7- Beautifying neighbourhoods by ridding politician-mug-shot-posters, who were here yesterday, gone today and might be back tomorrow.

8- They might actually put on good news instead of schoolyard Bully’s in uniform-styled-suits inside a big building full of halls… Mm, sounds like they’re still in school.

9- Let the Governor General run the show, he’s the one with power to sack the PM. Now he’s a quiet mover and shaker with real street-cred, and dare I say it – Respected.

10- Go hiking/ camping/ picnicking/ BBQ / parachuting/ bike riding/ swimming/ fishing/shopping/ lunching with friends and family and do not talk politics – unless you want to kill the mood.

In this country the vote doesn’t count. Why? Just check out today’s news. So I vote we rid compulsory voting (#ridcompulsoryvoting) and then we can get on with our lives and it might make our politicians work harder when we’re ignoring them…

Because they don’t listen to us now.