In Australia we have compulsory voting. Why? Um, because no one would bother to vote. And in light of what’s happened in politics overnight – five Prime Ministers in five years without an election, why should we bother?

So instead of voting here are ten reasons why we should rid compulsory voting in Australia:

1-Read a book in bed from cover to cover – just not the Constitution because they’ll change the ending any day now.

2- Save trees by not printing all those ‘how-to-vote’ cards we throw in the bin before we leave the voting booths.

3- Save fuel by not going to the polling booth, which will reduce our carbon footprint, reduce smog, traffic and road-rage to those regions.

4- Continue with your normal routine instead of wasting time in line trying to find your name on a list among millions, ie. “…Smith… you know, Smith…”

5- You can dodge your Boss posing as a political groupie at the polling booths because you don’t want the peer pressure of having to vote for his guy.

6- Unlearn how to tick voting boxes when you can learn to look outside the square.

7- Beautifying neighbourhoods by ridding politician-mug-shot-posters, who were here yesterday, gone today and might be back tomorrow.

8- They might actually put on good news instead of schoolyard Bully’s in uniform-styled-suits inside a big building full of halls… Mm, sounds like they’re still in school.

9- Let the Governor General run the show, he’s the one with power to sack the PM. Now he’s a quiet mover and shaker with real street-cred, and dare I say it – Respected.

10- Go hiking/ camping/ picnicking/ BBQ / parachuting/ bike riding/ swimming/ fishing/shopping/ lunching with friends and family and do not talk politics – unless you want to kill the mood.

In this country the vote doesn’t count. Why? Just check out today’s news. So I vote we rid compulsory voting (#ridcompulsoryvoting) and then we can get on with our lives and it might make our politicians work harder when we’re ignoring them…

Because they don’t listen to us now.


2 thoughts on “#RidCompulsoryVoting

  1. Nik says:

    I find voting an odd subject – I’m too long removed from the UK to cast a meaningful vote and I’m not eligible to vote in South Africa because I’m not a citizen (and I’m not giving up my UK passport thanksverymuch).

    Personally I don’t like the idea of compulsory voting. The freedom to vote is also the freedom not to vote – even if either way it’s an irrelevance in SA as they could frankly put an amoeba up for leader of the ANC and it would become president.

    You should be up for nomination – you make a lot of sense hehe 🙂

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    1. Mel A Rowe says:

      Interesting points, Nik. The ANC sounds similar to Territory candidates here, and a whole load of worms that we’ll keep lidded. Which leads to the question of the day – is compulsory voting standard for countries in the Commonwealth?

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