No-Man’s Knees

Seated on her porch steps, he waited. Wiped sweaty palms on denim thighs. Their tremble steadied by gripping knees.

Her knees were his palm’s perfect fit. The funny bone he’d tickle to relish her smile. Knees she didn’t like – called them her Nun’s knees. Scarred, pitted, thin-skinned. An adventurous childhood’s tell-tale residue; tree climber’s scratched; bike-fallen skinned; grass-gamed stained; puddle-jumper’s scuffed. Uniquely hers. Agile for morning runs, like now.

A siren made his head rise, following its echo down their street.

He waited, holding that ringed-rock in his hand.

She never showed.

He never got to ask.

2 thoughts on “No-Man’s Knees

  1. This leave the reader with a lot to think about – I’ve been left with a different feeling about the unwritten part of the story on each of the three reads I’ve had of this piece. Nicely done and a fine use of knees (not sure I’ve ever used that in a comment before!)

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  2. Thank you Nik. Never thought I’d do the knee-thing myself. FYI- my prompt was my hiker’s knee and your marathon running comments (& no wooden-spoon threats) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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