It started with the toes. De-numbing. Tingling and wiggling. Goose-bumps unleashed and prickle across exposed skin. Tiniest of bubbles cling to ankles, calves, then shins. Knees and thighs lowered and… Sigh.

Total. Body. Submergence.

Steam rises opening pores. Reinvigorated sinuses inhale aerated organic minerals with the hint of earthy clay and roasted lamb. Basking in purest lukewarm liquid that caresses receptive bare flesh. Enveloped like a baby in an insulated womb. Silent. Safe. Secluded.

Eyes open to blue sky. Dusty, olive green pandanus leaves, twist like waving limbs on the breeze. A white Egret perches, silent in its observations. Stilled flowering water lilies line the clay bank.

There’s nothing like regenerating in a secluded, unspoiled, natural hot springs.

Following Doctor’s orders, recovering from a sprained knee (a Weekend Wanderer’s side effect). Told to take it easy. So I allow my body to surrender, float, relax and heal. Our camp’s set-up on the edge and the divine aromas of dinner in the camp-oven begins a salivation of the forthcoming feast… drink in hand, sunsets begun and it’s the perfect way to recover and enjoy winter in the Tropics

Thanks Doc, for making me follow orders.