Tan-Line(-free) Tourists.


The deck swarmed with yakking sightseers consuming cocktails on sunset, capturing numerous tropical river snapshots.

Four hours. Twelve tourists. My first day on the job. Simple – not!

They swapped grooming essential tit-bits. Compared personal towels, the total of their carry-on accessories that complimented their label-less way of being. Completely free from all stereotypical attire.

“Honey, we’re all born this way,” piped up the late-middle-aged female, sporting the all-over sunburn.

I tightened my jacket, averted my eyes, feeling the weight of peer pressure for my reversed nakedness. “It’s winter for me, and skippering this ‘Nude-Cruise’ was not in the job description.”

3 thoughts on “Tan-Line(-free) Tourists.

  1. Given the subject matter, the line of “grooming essential tit-bits” became whole lot funnier 🙂 Doesn’t sound like a whole heap of fun though!

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  2. In your comment (that I thank you for) was the lack of fun for the skipper or the nudists’ recommending a good waxer?? Lol… It’s a piece that makes you read twice & a challenge for me to keep it clean-ish!¿¡☆


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