Just call me Eve.

Overworked lungs forced air outwards then gulped eager oxygen inwards. Sweat trickled in rivulets saturating clothing. Muscles heaved, burned, and twinged with each uphill stride. Each step pronounced by a loud crunch of dry dirt underfoot. Where one tread equalled fifty beats of a heart about to pound right out of its chest cavity. Every footfall navigated with precision over unstable rocks and exposed tree roots to defuse incidents of ankle twist. Or worse, the endless downhill slide to bone-breaking-boulders waiting to catch my fall.

It had taken hours of hauling butt uphill when I scrambled to the top.

I’d made it.

Dumping my pack to the dirt, I forgot all aches and pains, my heart slowed, and I breathed easier. With slack jaw I just stood there, hypnotized by the natural wonderment before me.

Cloudless light blue skies were the headlines of an early sunrise at my back. A delicate breeze carried crisp clean air, tinged with a slight hint of eucalyptus gums mixed with sweet floral aromas. Seducing busy native bees were purple and pink wildflowers nestled amongst red banksias. Lined along the banks casting shadows were soft yellow flowering wattles and willowy paperbarks. There’s the hum of flighty dragonflies. The soundless vibrant blue winged butterflies’. Iridescent gold and green hummingbirds that skim over mirror-like water in search of bountiful prey. While cascades of clear liquid shimmer in sunlight making its way to the transparent rainbow that crowned the roaring waterfall below.

In that one magical moment I was the entire existence of humanity. Me.

I believe I’d found Eden and you could call me Eve.


Wish I had a decent camera…

20150411_113918  20150411_122734

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