Fingers grip to hot metal as paint flakes under sweaty palms. Feet dangle high in the air while arm muscles burn to hold on. Perspiration mixes with tears and amplify the salt stinging my eyes.

‘HEEELLLLP.’ It was useless because no one could hear me. This was all my fault. I could’ve – would’ve – should’ve. But now was not the time.

I swing my body closer to the wall to gain leverage when I heard: ‘CREEEEAAAAAKKK’. Followed by a thunderous ripping noise close to my ears, I wince and grip harder as the world shook then lowered me to the ground – safely.

‘Huh…’ clutching the gutter in my hands that had completely given away from the side of the roof and frown at the collapsed ladder at my feet. ‘Last time I clean gutters when home alone.’