Fear – not?

Fear: distress caused by impending danger or pain.

Tapping away on the keypad or stating your opinions aloud at home, this doesn’t bring fear. But should there be the fear of publicly publishing opinions openly for criticism and to be judged? A fear that these words of dribble may cause distress of impending danger or pain?

I think not.

Well, I hope not.

But yet fear has so much power to stop others from doing – for that fear of failing.

Okay, if you were to do a tightrope walk over a pit of snapping crocodiles without a safety rope….. that would be fear. True fear.

Almost idiotic really to tempt such a feat. But it has been done before – a lot.

What about walking over hot coals while barefoot, that would cause fear of impending pain. But many have done it. I myself, unwillingly around a campfire have grooved new moves, that booty-liscious babes would appreciate on how I danced away. Creating my own original soundtrack of ear-burning expletives that so went with the impromptu hot-coal-bare-foot-shuffle. Imagine a YouTube clip gone viral.

But it’s that fear-factor of fearing fear itself, has it stopped us from doing so much? If so what happens when we’re aware of it? Do we let it control us?

When did this change, when as kids we were somewhat fearless and eager to see and try new things. Now because of age, wisdom  or past failures and experiences of not only our own, but that of others, that it causes this fear?

The fear to love. When you’ve had your heart-broken do you refuse to ever fall in love again in fear of heart-break?

Fear of heights. Hey I notice the older I get the height factor is becoming an issue. When I looked over a jetty I used to jump off as a carefree kid on summer holidays to the sea. Where now I watch kids, without fear of sharks or dizzying heights, they jump with wide smiles and screams of joy, while my heart is in my throat preparing to rescue them.

Now that is my fear for those children being in danger, the risk of pain and being live bait for marauding Great White man-eating sharks. But then I stop myself, I did it as a kid. I also would ride push bikes and hurtle down hills in home-made go-carts without helmets or brakes for that matter too.

But what about that other fear – the fear of unknown? The fear of failure. The fear that stops you from achieving your true potential. The fear that shouldn’t give you physical pain or put you in danger but could wound your pride. That’s the main fear.

Dunno…..maybe its time to put the little toe in the water first to test it, while ready to run the other way and hide your head in the sand should you fail?

Or do you jump in with both feet, eyes shut tight, holding your breath, wrapping your arms around your knees pressed to your chest bracing yourself for imminent impact, hoping for the best?

Maybe you run and push past that fear, leaping high touching the bright clear blue sky, feeling that weightlessness and pure magical moment of being in-flight above the earth. That breathlessness of performing that leap of faith and facing your fears with eyes wide open, wearing that brilliant jaw-aching smile, shouting for pure joy and exhilaration, feeling the adrenalin rush and inner pride for just daring to face that fear and have a go.


So do you face your fear (the one that doesn’t cause impending danger or pain) and move forward? Or do you let fear win and stop still?

It’s the new year coming and the time for New Years resolutions. You know the normal, to quit smoking, cut down on drinking, save more money, lose weight. Blah. Blah. Blah. Boring…

How about making 2015 – The year you faced your fears and won.

Whichever way you go, its your choice in the end, no one but yourself and your fear can hold you back.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see a man about a crocodile and a tightrope…Happy New Year.

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